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Safer Waters for All

MAHC Created to Improve Pool Safety

Feature Article - January 2015

The Model Aquatic Health Code was developed with input from industry experts to provide a guideline for entities managing aquatic facility health and safety issues across the country. Learn more about the code and how it affects your facility, as well as new trends in lifeguarding and more.

Certifiably Safer

Why & How Certification Improves Safety

Feature Article - January 2015

Whether it's for a playground inspector, an aquatic facility manager, a fitness instructor or a climbing instructor, certification can make an impact on safety in your facility.

'Youthful Enthusiasm'

Helping Adults Overcome Their Fear of Water

Web Exclusive - January 2015

By the time most adults look for help overcoming their fear of water, they need help reclaiming the youthful resiliency that will help them learn and grow.

Programming: Aquatics

Healing Waters
The Power of Aquatic Programs

Feature Article - November 2014

Aquatic therapy programs, special needs programs and others may not be the programming centerpiece that learn-to-swim is, but they can provide a way to get more patrons to the pool and boost revenues.


When Cloudy Water Strikes
Strategies for Handling Water Quality

Guest Column - November 2014

When cloudy water strikes your pool, there are methods you can use—and chemicals you can add to the water—to make things right again.

Lighten Up

Ball Fields, Pools Get a Boost With LEDs

Feature Article - October 2014

Lighting swimming pools and sports fields has become a lot more economical with the introduction of LEDs. In this feature, we explore some of the newer ideas in sports and pool lighting.


'RESPECT' the Water
New Drowning Prevention Campaign Encourages Water Safety

Guest Column - October 2014

You can take precautions to guard against a drowning incident in your pool, but those efforts don't protect patrons once they leave. Enter RESPECT, a new drowning prevention program created by the Association of Aquatic Professionals.

Changing Weather Changes Pool Procedures

Web Exclusive - October 2014

The world's weather patterns are changing, and predictable seasonal weather is hard to come by. Traditional methods for closing down pools for the season may need to adapt.

Design Corner

Making a Splash
Adaptive Use of Older Structures Suited to Small Natatoriums

Guest Column - September 2014

Some municipalities, clubs and other owners don't have the funds for a brand-new natatorium, but with the right design team and the right structure in place, it's not out of reach.

In the Swim

The Olympic Pool & Fitness Centre in Newmarket, New Zealand

Web Exclusive - September 2014

A New Zealand pool and fitness center has found the right solution to protect swimmers from illness while providing a wonderful swimming experience.