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Beyond the Surface

Installing New Synthetic Grass Fields

Guest Column - April 2013

You've made the decisions to go with synthetic turf for your new sports fields, but do you know what you should look for in a synthetic turf partner?

Out of the Ordinary

Make Way for Some Unexpected & Unusual Sports

Feature Article - March 2013

Pickleball? Quidditch? Cricket? While we're all familiar with baseball, soccer, football, basketball and tennis—and the facilities that support them—there are ways to adapt and bring new sports—and new patrons—onto the court or field.

Design Corner

Stadium Safety
Designing for Fire Safety in Major Stadiums

Guest Column - March 2013

Designing for safety is a critical measure when planning major stadiums. Here, an expert in stadium design looks at some of the issues to keep top of mind.

Sports Fields

Tips for Leagues That Must Maintain Their Facilities

Guest Column - March 2013

If you've got to maintain—and maybe even improve—your sports fields, there are some smart steps to take to ease the process.

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On the Rise
Students with Disabilities Get More Sports Opportunities

Before You Go - March 2013

Students with disabilities will have more chances to participate in sports thanks to new guidance issued earlier this year by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights (OCR).

Sports Officiating

Keeping Officials 'In the Game'

Guest Column - January 2013

What are some common problems in current officiating, and how can they be addressed?

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Football Injury Awareness

Before You Go - November 2012

"Safety is a top priority at i9 Sports. Reports of sports concussions in the United States have reached an 'epidemic level' and we know that football leads all sports in the occurrence of concussions among youth ages 5 to 18," said Brian Sanders, president and COO of i9 Sports.

Lighting the Way

Innovations & Applications of LED Scoreboards & Sports Field Lighting

Feature Article - October 2012

LED technology has changed how scoreboards and field lighting bring the viewing experience to spectators. Learn more about these innovations.

Trash To Treasure

Transforming Brownfields Into Playing Fields and Parks

Feature Article - September 2012

Brownfields offer a near-perfect option for many landlocked areas looking to expand recreational offerings. Find out more about how the redevelopment process works.

Preventing Injuries on the Ballfield

Problem Solver - August 2012

Traditional stationary bases include two parts: a metal post sunk into the ground and fixed in concrete and a pillow base bolted to a metal pole that fits into this base. This results in rigid, unmoving bases—it takes 3,500 pounds of force to dislodge one of these bases.