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A Bridge to Play
Magical Bridge Playground in Palo Alto, Calif.

Facility Profile - May 2016

When one mother noticed a dearth of accessible playgrounds in her area, she decided to start raising funds. The result has been called the most accessible playground in the world.

Design Splashpads for Inclusive Play

Problem Solver - August 2015

Splashpads and their structures follow many universal design principles, and by nature include a lot of inclusive play choices. There is such a range of pieces from the ground level all the way up to high-energy pieces. For example, at the water tables there is so much learning opportunity for younger children, because they provide opportunities for many play and social development stages, including cooperative play, sharing and cognitive milestones. These are appropriate through the stages of young toddler development up through 5 to 7 years of age and beyond!

Natural, Thematic & Playable By All

The Latest Trends in Playground Design

Feature Article - July 2015

These days, playgrounds can be far more than the simple post-and-platform structures we've gotten so used to. From natural play to themes that excite kids and playgrounds for all abilities, there's a huge world of play out there to enjoy.

Splash Play

Bringing Inclusion to Water Play

Guest Column - July 2015

In a splash play area that's designed with careful attention, children and adults of all abilities can play side-by-side.

Planning for Inclusion

Inclusive Play Needs Community Participation

Feature Article - February 2015

Ideally, inclusion is top-of-mind from the earliest planning stages of your playground. Get the community involved and excited from conception to completion of your project.


Brotherly Love
White House Municipal Park in White House, Tenn.

Facility Profile - January 2015

On this playground, the heartwarming story of two brothers playing together despite disability comes to life.

Inclusive Sports

We All Play Ball
Miracle League of Grand Island in Grand Island, N.Y.

Facility Profile - January 2015

Miracle League fields offer children of all abilities the chance to play ball and learn from one another.

The Power of Playing Together

Inclusive Playgrounds Benefit Kids & Communities

Feature Article - November 2014

To be truly accessible, playground owners must take a step beyond compliance with ADA to ensure inclusion for children and families of all abilities.


Hope Springs Eternal
Hope Park in Frisco, Texas

Facility Profile - November 2014

The playground at Hope Park in Frisco, Texas, was built to ensure kids with special needs and disabilities had a place to play. But, more importantly, it was also designed so that kids of all abilities could play together.

Create an Inclusive Play Space

Problem Solver - August 2014

It is estimated that between 12.1 percent and 18.7 percent of U.S. citizens have a disability. Ensuring that people of all abilities have access to recreation is a crucial mission for parks, schools and other organizations. The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) establishes guidelines to ensure access for all, but sometimes it doesn't go far enough. It is possible to do more, going beyond the basic requirements to create an inclusive play experience for children and families, regardless of ability.