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Encourage Risk, But Safely

Playground Safety From Concept to Completion and Beyond

Feature Article - January 2017

Ensuring kids on the playground are as safe as possible begins with smart planning and playground design, but it doesn't stop there. Proper supervision and continual attention to maintenance are also crucial.

Scratching Below the Surface

How Safe Is Your Playground Surface?

Feature Article - October 2016

There's a lot more than meets the eye to playground safety surfaces, and despite any claims about safety, the context of your site—including prevailing weather, use and much more—can have an impact.

Ensure Your Playground Safety Surface Meets Your Needs

Problem Solver - August 2016

You should talk to the manufacturer of your surface about how things like maintenance, weather and other contributing factors can affect the performance of the surface over time. Look for a manufacturer that offers field testing once the surface is installed as part of your contract. A field test performed on your surface will reveal how well your specific surface is performing. Post-installation drop testing is the most effective way to determine the effectiveness of a safety surface.

Increase Lifecycle of Engineered Wood Fiber

Problem Solver - August 2016

It is important to top off the surface occasionally, adding more wood fiber to maintain proper protection. Be sure to inspect the surface regularly. Rake the fiber to keep the surface level and remove any foreign objects.

Balancing Act

Safety & Risk on the Playground

Feature Article - January 2016

Play equipment is meticulously designed to protect children from catastrophic injury, but it shouldn't eliminate risk entirely. Finding the right balance is important to encouraging children's growth without risking their health.

Go Above & Beyond on Playground Safety

Problem Solver - August 2015

Talk to your manufacturer about the various elements that can affect the performance of your surface, from maintenance to weather, and more. And, don't forget that the more the surface is used, the less effective it may become. Some manufacturers offer post-installation field testing as part of the contract for a new surface. This can demonstrate the surface's effectiveness at your specific site. The clearest way to evaluate any safety surface is to conduct post-installation drop testing.

Ensure Accessibility for Your Playground Surface

Problem Solver - August 2015

You'll occasionally need to top off the surface, adding more wood fiber, to maintain proper protection. Keep a schedule for staff members, and be sure to conduct regular inspections of the surface. Remove foreign objects and rake the fiber to keep the surface level.

Upgrading Play Safety: A Case Example

Web Exclusive - March 2015

When First Baptist Church in Neches, Texas, decided to surface their playground with rubber mulch, they turned the whole installation experience into a fun time for all.

Safety for the Duration

Keeping Playground Equipment & Surfaces Safe Now & in the Future

Feature Article - January 2015

Playground equipment and surfaces from well-known and respected manufacturers is designed with children's safety in mind, but the context of your site and the way products are installed can also have an impact, both now and over the life cycle of your equipment.

We All Fall Down

Education, Maintenance Key to Playground Surface Safety

Supplement Feature - September 2014

Falls to the surface are the number one cause of injury on the playground, which is why it's so important that those surfaces are maintained regularly and composed of the appropriate materials to maximize safety and prevent serious injuries.