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New Ways to Save

Improving Efficiency in Pool Operations

Supplement Feature - February 2017

In recreation facilities nationwide, swimming pools can eat away a big bite of the budget. Finding ways to operate aquatic facilities more efficiently and effectively is critical.

The 5 W's of Enzymes

Enjoy Crystal Clear Water

Web Exclusive - September 2016

Enzyme products have evolved over the years to suit many needs for every body of water. Learn more about the ins and outs of enzymes.

Improve Air & Water Quality

Problem Solver - August 2016

Not only do chloramines emit an unpleasant smell, which is particularly strong within indoor facilities, but these chloramine gases are also harmful to swimmers' lungs, if exposed over a long period of time.

Prevent & Solve Water Problems

Problem Solver - August 2016

In addition, provide training for your staff on the ins and outs of the system. You need to ensure that a professional is always on hand who understands the best practices for maintaining water balance and sanitizer residuals.

Save Money, Improve Safety With Chlorine Generation

Problem Solver - August 2016



Selecting, Installing & Maintaining Commercial UV Systems

Guest Column - May 2016

Installing an UV system at a commercial aquatic facility will lower chemical usage in a pool by 30 to 50 percent and achieve safer water by eliminating pathogens, viruses and chloramines. Here's how to choose the best fit for your facility.

Drought vs. El Nino

Water Chemistry for a Crazy Climate

Web Exclusive - April 2016

Water is central to our climate, and also to our aquatic experiences. Managing water quality and chemistry in swimming pools can be a real challenge in today's crazy climate.

Testing the Waters

Tips on Running a Safe & Cost-Effective Aquatic Facility

Supplement Feature - February 2016

With every line item in the budget under scrutiny, aquatic facility managers are looking for ways to reduce operating expenses, while still providing the cleanest, safest and most efficient swimming environment possible.

Understanding ORP, Sanitization & How Controllers Work

Web Exclusive - February 2016

Correct water balance in commercial pools and spas makes the difference between a safe, attractive pool and a disaster. Advances in automation, new methods of disinfection and better education have made aquatic facility managers' jobs easier.


Avoiding Dead Zones by Selecting the Right Pump

Guest Column - November 2015

For newer aquatic facilities with a range of splashy amenities and curvilinear spaces, selecting the right pump is crucial to ensure all of the pool's water is getting circulated and sanitized.