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Thinking Forward on Custom Nature Play

Dove Springs Park in Austin, Texas

Web Exclusive - February 2016

A result of strategic, collaborative partnerships and forward-thinking community leaders, the new custom playscape at Dove Springs Park in Austin, Texas, is turning heads.

Going Natural

Incorporating Nature Play Into Urban Parks & Greenways

Web Exclusive - September 2015

Expanding on our coverage of urban greenways, we provide additional information about how incorporating natural play elements along greenways can help boost involvement in nature by kids and families.

Create a Nature-Inspired Play Space

Problem Solver - August 2015

With their in-depth knowledge of playground safety, you can trust playground manufacturers to develop nature-inspired play that provides wonder and adventure to children via durable, safe and low-maintenance equipment.

Natural, Thematic & Playable By All

The Latest Trends in Playground Design

Feature Article - July 2015

These days, playgrounds can be far more than the simple post-and-platform structures we've gotten so used to. From natural play to themes that excite kids and playgrounds for all abilities, there's a huge world of play out there to enjoy.

Design Corner

Adventurous Play
Pushing the Edge Without Falling Off

Guest Column - October 2014

You might have a brilliant idea for a custom play space, with support and funding from a community that can't wait to try it out. But how do you ensure your conceived play area will be as safe as can be?

Want to Build a Better Community?

Web Exclusive - October 2014

The National Recreation and Park Association's Building Better Communities signature grant program's application period opens at the end of October. Learn more about the program, as well as some of the projects it's making possible.

Create a Playscape With a Natural Feel

Problem Solver - August 2014

Children are spending about half as much time outside as they did 20 years ago, and at the same time, kids between 8 and 18 get more than seven hours of screen time in a typical day. The obvious negative impact: a dramatic increase in childhood obesity—and all the health issues that go along with it. Parks and playgrounds can be a great way to get kids outside, helping them build fitness habits, boost creativity, learning and much more.

before you go…

Rx: Back to Nature

Before You Go - August 2014

Your prescription: Spend some time in nature.

The Enticing Outdoors

Get Minds & Bodies Moving

Feature Article - May 2014

Playgrounds have come so far since the days of slides and swings installed over an asphalt surface. These days, playground design is adapting to more modern needs—getting kids into nature, and getting them moving.

Power of Play

Investing in Playgrounds Benefits More Than Children

Feature Article - November 2013

Cities and communities across the country have discovered the many benefits to be had by adding up-to-date play spaces. Find out about some of the latest trends in playground design.