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Cleaning the Water, Clearing the Air

How UV Water Treatment Improves Water and Air Quality

Web Exclusive - April 2012

UV treatment is a great way to sanitize your pool's water, but it also helps improve air quality around swimming pools—especially indoors. This article explores the use of UV treatment in pools to help improve water and air quality.

Aquatics & Air Quality

The Canary in the Mine
Aquatics & Stainless Steel

Guest Column - October 2011

Ensuring the air quality within a natatorium is safe for swimmers means careful attention to the tools you use to circulate that air. New solutions are making it easier to keep swimmers healthy.


Coming Up for Air
Texas Swimming Center, University of Texas at Austin

Facility Profile - October 2011

The Texas Swimming Center turned to a unique solution to improve its ventilation to deal with higher temperatures, greater use and improved air quality.


Does Your Pool Pass the Smell Test?

Guest Column - May 2011

Ensuring proper water quality requires the right approach. Here's a rundown of how to guarantee your pool can pass the smell test, meaning you've solved the chloramines problem.


Design Right to Ensure Spa Air Quality

Guest Column - November 2010

Proper attention to design is critical to ensure the air in your spa area is healthy for all.