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Down to the Wire

The Latest Trends in Scoreboards, Sports Lighting & Sound

Feature Article - September 2016

While the team plays and spectators look on, there's a whole host of behind-the-scenes technology making the game go. In this feature, we'll examine the latest trends in sports lighting, sound systems and scoreboards.

Scoreboard Watching

Trends in Scoreboards & Video Displays

Feature Article - September 2014

LED lights and more cost-effective video displays have transformed run-of-the-mill scoreboards into something patrons will love to watch.

Lighting the Way

Innovations & Applications of LED Scoreboards & Sports Field Lighting

Feature Article - October 2012

LED technology has changed how scoreboards and field lighting bring the viewing experience to spectators. Learn more about these innovations.

Center Stage

The Latest in Scoreboards & Sports Lighting

Feature Article - October 2011

Between upgrades to LED and wireless technology and a growing focus on environmentally friendly solutions, the world of scoreboards and sports lighting continues to evolve.

A Cut Above

Scoreboard Innovations Becoming More Visual, Motivational

Feature Article - July 2010

Once upon a time, a scoreboard was just a big rectangle with some numbers on it to let spectators know how things stood. These days, with technological advances and creative innovations, they can do so much more than tell the score.

Scoreboard Showdowns

The Latest & Greatest Is All Part of the Game

Feature Article - November 2009

When it comes to keeping score, you need to start with what you can afford, but you also should be aware of the latest trends and top sellers in the scoreboard market.