Feature Article - August 2007
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2007 Problem-Solver Guidebook

Welcome to our annual Problem-Solver Guidebook.

Packed with scores of ideas, this reference tool was designed to help you tackle your
most persistent and universal challenges, covering all the big basic questions.
Consider it an industry guidebook of sorts, chock full of straightforward problem-solving tips.

We hope it is destined to earn a coveted and permanent place on your desk, ready for use all year round.

Adding Durable Restroom Structures
Keeping Kids on the Playground
Providing a Play Space for Everyone
Keeping a Larger Swimming Pool Clean
Furnishing a Park Site
Keeping an Indoor Pool Clean and Healthy
Providing Accessible Playgrounds
Providing Greener Restroom Facilities
Saving on Pool Chemicals
Providing Reliable Sun Protection
Ensuring Pool Safety
Outfitting a Trail
Adding Climbing Amenities to Your Facility
Protecting Your Locker Rooms from Water Damage
Improving Revenue Through Sports Marketing
Protecting Lifeguards, Protecting Patrons
Upgrading Playgrounds with Safer Surfaces
Adding a Splash Pad Area
Making a Facility More Family-Friendly
Greening Up Your Waterpark
Adding Benches on a Budget
Adding Creative Solutions for Childhood Obesity
Diversifying Your Concessions Menu
Maintaining Consistent Chlorination
Providing Multi-Sport Scoreboards
Improving Your Parks with Shelters
Expanding Event Programming Options
Improving Patronage for an Outdoor Pool
Protecting Your Investment in Aquatic Construction
Outfitting Sports Fields for Nighttime Use
Ensuring Playground Safety
Protecting Lockers from Humidity
Improving Pool Accessibility
Recycling Your Old Pool
Improving Park Accessibility
Managing Your Facility's Laundry
Keeping the Waterfront Clean and Attractive to Fishermen
Improving Sports Fields with Restrooms and Concessions
Maintaining Water Balance in a Commercial Pool
Enclosing Aquatic Venues
Improving Safety on the Ballfield
Restoring Pool Decks
Upgrading Your Locker Rooms
Providing Temporary Event Seating

Stacy St. Clair, Elisa Kronish and Emily Tipping