Problem Solver - August 2007
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Providing Multi-Sport Scoreboards

We accommodate many different sports teams on our fields. How can we keep score and provide adequate game information for all of our events?

A baseball diamond can often become a football field or a soccer field or a lacrosse field or…you get the idea. You want one scoreboard to serve all these activities. You can make the right call with a multipurpose scoreboard.

The multipurpose models offer special features like a two- or four-digit clock. Some basic models come with places to indicate balls, strikes and outs for baseball, while digits might be incorporated into more advanced models. Easy-to-use controls, superior wireless capabilities and built-in signage are features to look for.

Research has indicated that most people have a natural 100-degree range of motion that allows us to view scores comfortably. More extreme angles lead to eye and neck strain—not a pleasant experience for your visitors. So the best outdoor LED digits will have a 100-degree horizontal viewing angle to provide exceptional readability.

Other helpful innovations on outdoor scoreboards include waterproofing to protect outdoor digits from the damaging effects of rain and humidity; wide digits for excellent readability during day and night games; digits up to 3 feet high for today's super-sized playing fields; an auto-dimming feature to adjust the display to changing light conditions; wireless scoreboard controls that use spread-spectrum technology to stop interference from cell phones and other electronic devices; and accent and trim tape to organize scoring statistics.

On indoor scoreboards, you'll find features like a true LED bar digit, which provides consistent color and high readability; an acrylic cover to protect the LEDs inside the scoreboard and diffuse their light evenly; plus rugged LED bar digits that provide up to 100,000 hours of performance without burnouts or breakage.

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