Problem Solver - August 2007
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Outfitting Sports Fields for Nighttime Use

We have teams clamoring to use our fields but limited programming time available. How can we best address the situation?

The best way to address a crowded programming schedule is to extend the available programming hours. For outdoor venues, this means adding sports lighting so events can be held after the sun goes down.

Recreation managers must provide quality outdoor lighting that balances the needs of the community—and the standards of those concerned about light pollution—against the demands of athletes and clogged recreational schedules. The problem becomes even more complex when budget constraints come into play.

For many years, outdoor lighting was synonymous with angry neighbors, who were happier when the night wasn't illuminated. Today, recreation managers have better control over the situation, thanks to advanced systems offered by the lighting industry. Today's fixtures have reduced the intrusiveness of night lighting with state-of-the-art visors engineered to keep light from spilling off the field and into the neighborhood. Some advanced directional accouterment can be retrofitted to newer but already existing lighting equipment as well. Unwanted light and high electric bills can be alleviated using new lighting management technology. Advances in electronics and software allow greater control of fields or even individual fixtures from remote locations.

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