Problem Solver - August 2007
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Protecting Lockers from Humidity

Our rusty metal lockers require ongoing maintenance and costly repairs.

Metal lockers are simply an inferior product for locker rooms and pool areas, because they cannot withstand the water and moisture in these environments. There's no way to prevent them from becoming smelly, rusted-out lockers.

Solid plastic lockers are an ideal solution because they are unaffected by moisture, humidity, chlorine or salt water, and they will never rust. Solid plastic can withstand dents and impact that would easily damage metal lockers. As a testament to their durability, some manufacturers of solid plastic lockers include long-term guarantees against breakage or delamination.

Selecting solid plastic lockers is not only a smart move for reducing maintenance costs, but it is also a wise environmental choice. Look for lockers made from high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) using post-consumer recycled content. A 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic option might be available in various color choices. Recycled milk jugs are used to manufacture new 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic lockers. On average, each locker prevents more than 500 gallon-size milk containers from going into landfills.

The color in the durable solid plastic lockers extends from the surface through the entire thickness of the locker, making scratches hard to detect. Graffiti can be easily wiped away with everyday cleaners, and the inside of the lockers can even be completely cleaned out with a hose.

Look for lockers that are designed as a one-piece, wrap-around box with no screws, rivets or joints, which complicate installation. You can find lockers with the top and bottom welded in place, and the door and frame assembly welded to the box. Hinges should wrap around the door and frame edges to provide added strength and durability. Many lockers can be shipped fully assembled and ready for installation.

Solid plastic lockers are available in a range of sizes and configurations to help maximize space. A number of locked storage options are available, including full-height lockers, stacked lockers and newer "Z" multi-height lockers which are designed to help prevent users' belongings from getting mashed and wrinkled. One side of the opening has additional length to allow for more hanging space.

For open storage, plastic cubby lockers or locker baskets are an effective way to organize supplies or sports equipment. Locker room benches can also be maximized with built-in lockers below for extra storage.

Whatever the layout, a number of different door options are available. Mesh locker doors are a popular choice from a safety standpoint because contents can be easily seen. These open-concept doors also prevent odor build-up inside lockers.

Solid plastic lockers are available in a wide range of color options beyond boring gray. You might also find matching solid plastic toilet partitions and coordinating shades for solid surface lavatory systems to ensure that your restrooms and locker rooms have a cohesive, well-thought-out look.

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