Problem Solver - August 2007
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Managing Your Facility's Laundry

We provide laundry service to our club and team members, but are spending a lot of time sorting things out. How can we manage the load better?

Laundry may not always be the first thing on your mind when you think about all the ins and outs of running an athletic facility, fitness club or YMCA. However, laundering clothing for multiple team or club members can present challenges. How do you get everything clean, while keeping individuals' clothing separated and easy to sort and return to their locker? If you put in the time and energy up front to get your laundry done right, it'll save you time and energy in the long run.

Many facilities rely on laundry bags or pins to keep individual team members' or patrons' laundry separated in the wash, but they're not always a perfect solution. You can't always tell if what's inside the laundry bag is dry, so you have to keep stopping the dryer to check inside. In addition, laundry washed in bags doesn't always get clean, and commonly ends up as a wrinkled mess. Pins are another way to keep a person's laundry together, but they can be damaging to your dryer, as well as to garments themselves.

Luckily, there's a more efficient option. By using a laundry strap device, you can keep clothes sorted while they wash and dry, but they'll wash and dry as if they were loose.

How does it work? Each strap, or loop, comes with a space where you can write in an identification number. Then the team or club member simply threads the loop through the neck or armhole of a shirt, or the leg or belt loop of the pants, before clicking the side-release buckle closed. Socks can be placed in the snare of cording and secured by cinching down the cordlock. Up to 12 items can be threaded on a single loop. The loop goes into the washer and dryer, and when all's said and done, the clothes are clean and dry, and ready to be sorted and returned to the individual's locker.

Garments will get cleaner, dry twice as fast and wrinkle far less than when you rely on laundry bags. Staff members can more easily collect, sort and distribute laundry to lockers.

Laundry Loops: