Problem Solver - August 2008
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Recycling & Revitalizing Your Pool Facility

Aquatic facility directors across the country are struggling to keep up with the newer, innovative swim facilities that are popping up and attracting their patrons. The old rectangular lap pool may be a thing of the past, but many cities and organizations do not have the resources to build all brand-new aquatic facilities. While a completely new pool to keep up with the times may be out of your reach, that doesn't mean your patrons have to settle for old, leaky, out of date pools. Fortunately there is a cost-effective alternative to new construction that is increasingly proving itself as a way of completely rejuvenating and updating older pools.

Q: My pool is old and outdated, and I'm struggling to keep up with the newer competition. What can I do to update the facility without breaking the bank?

A: You may not need to go to the drawing board for a whole new facility. A significantly more cost effective option may be to update your pool with a makeover employing a commercial PVC membrane liner. These watertight membranes give pool owners renovation options they never thought possible before.

A PVC membrane liner has the ability to span cold joints while keeping the entire pool watertight. With a smart design approach, you can renovate your existing pool by cutting out unwanted portions and adding new sections that are modern and increase the fun value of your facility. Once the reconstruction is finished, the PVC liner is installed to ensure the entire pool is leak-proof. It also allows you to reuse much of your existing infrastructure. This eliminates the need to tear out and replace the entire pool, which will put a much bigger dent in your budget.

You can use some of the money saved to invest in additional fun options that will pull in patrons, like waterslides, water play products and more.

Q: We have fairly reliable attendance at our pool, but we want to attract more patrons by adding spray features, waterslides and other recreational opportunities for the family. Is there a way to combine our wading pool with our lap pool to create one large, multipurpose pool?

A: That's a smart plan, as it will appease your lap swimmers while attracting more families to your facility for a little fun in the water. Again, you don't need to build a completely new facility. Systems are available that have been specifically designed to enable you to reconfigure your existing pool.

How does this work? You remove sections of concrete, allowing for new plumbing and spray features to be added. Once complete, a PVC liner can be installed to ensure everything is watertight.

Q: We are doing renovations to our facility to bring it up-to-date, and we need to tear up a part of our pool deck. What can we do to give the whole deck a new appearance and keep it safe?

A: Creating a non-slip surface around a pool is critical for safety of your patrons. Once your renovation is complete, adding PVC decking is a simple method to renovate the deck, eliminating dullness, flaking and rough concrete. This long-term solution is slip-resistant and can be installed poolside or anywhere that slip resistance is important.

You can also use PVC decking to increase the safety of your diving boards, water playgrounds and other spots where falls can occur. Padding can be added underneath PVC decking in places like underneath diving boards, starting platforms and water playgrounds to make it CPSC compliant.

Q: My skimmer and pool gutter is outdated and the piping is leaking. How do I update the old recirculation system without completely demolishing the pool?

A: A simple wall-top demolition can be completed to remove an existing old gutter or skimmer system and the underlying concrete in order to install a new integral supply and return gutter. These gutters can be made with extruded rigid PVC, which is great for indoor applications, or by employing stainless steel gutters for outdoor applications. PVC gutters function the same as a metal gutter system and have lower initial costs and lower maintenance requirements. Replacing the existing piping with a stainless-steel or PVC perimeter supply-and-return gutter allows for the cost effective installation of a reliable circulation system that is easy to maintain over time since it eliminates most of the buried piping associated with a conventional concrete gutter.

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