Problem Solver - August 2008
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Reducing Energy Consumption at Your Pool

With the rising costs of energy, any opportunity to save money can be worth exploring. A few simple changes may be all you need.

Q: My pool uses quite a bit of energy while the underwater lights are on. What can I do to reduce my lighting energy bill?

A: If you've been using traditional incandescent bulbs, you should consider switching to LED lights. LED lights are compatible with most standard medium base fixtures without any modification. LED light bulbs have the same brightness as a 300 watt incandescent bulb, but use only 40 watts of power, significantly reducing energy consumption. They also last much longer, reducing your maintenance costs and requirements. Rated for 50,000 hours, LED pool lights can last up to 11.5 years and produce a more pleasing bluish color than standard incandescent lights.

Q: I hear that pool covers are the single most important tool for saving energy. Is this true?

A: Using a pool cover or thermal blanket can be the least expensive step you take, yet one of the most important when it comes to saving energy. The Department of Energy has found that water evaporation is the largest single source of over-consumption, accounting for 70 percent of total energy lost in both indoor and outdoor pools. And as you lose water through evaporation, you also lose the energy required to heat the new water you're adding to your pool.

Pool covers are custom-made to cover virtually any pool shape and size. These heavy-duty covers are typically made of a three-layer sandwiched material that floats on the pool surface. Using a thermal blanket can reduce energy cost anywhere from 50 to 75 percent on an outdoor pool and anywhere from 25 to 40 percent on an indoor pool.

They also reduce the amount of makeup water required, as well as chemical consumption. Furthermore, they reduce your maintenance requirements by keeping dirt and debris from blowing into the water when the pool is not in use.

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