Problem Solver - August 2008
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Selecting the Right Lockers

Outfitting locker rooms is not always at the top of the planning list when designing or refurbishing a recreation, sports or fitness facility, but you'll find that you can make a big impact on patrons' opinion by selecting lockers that are appropriate for your facility.

Q: What is a relatively inexpensive solution for our recreation facility?

A: With falling housing costs—and subsequently falling budgets—recreation facilities in some areas must make cost-effectiveness their first consideration. Metal lockers are an affordable option. They've been popular for years, but don't let the rusted-out lockers of your own high school gym deter you from selecting metal. Modern-day metal lockers have been designed to help prevent water damage and rusting. Some include solid plastic bases or are covered with plastic laminate to prevent damage.

Q: We're looking for environmentally friendly products for our facility. Can we find "greener" lockers?

A: Some manufacturers offer 100 percent plastic locker lines, which are more eco-friendly. They also reduce maintenance and cleaning needs. Though they come with a higher cost than metal lockers, they do offer the benefit of working much better in the humid locker room environment.

Q: We're looking to provide a higher-end look in our locker room. What lockers will please our demanding members?

A: For those looking for a truly aesthetically pleasing solution, higher-end lockers are available. Manufacturers offer designer lockers made of laminates, which are both visually appealing and functional in the recreation environment. For even higher-end, private clubs, you can find solid oak lockers.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: Consider your patrons' needs. When they're hitting the gym midday or before or after work, they're going to need a place to hang a suit jacket, a shirt and their pants without getting them wrinkled. While single-tier lockers are popular among these users, they take up more space. Consider Z-style lockers, which provide the space for patrons to hang these items.

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