Problem Solver - August 2008
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Enclosing Your Aquatic Facility

Green is all the rage these days in recreation facilities of all kinds, but it can be a challenge to determine ways to improve the ecological footprint—and budget—of your aquatic facility. Luckily, going green can be as easy as finding the right pool enclosure.

Q: How can an enclosure make my pool more "green"?

A: The right manufacturer can provide plenty of detail on the environmental benefits of a pool enclosure. But for a quick answer, light-transmitting insulated polycarbonate roof glazing provides passive solar energy, and that helps you maintain a consistent water temperature while running the pool heating system less.

In addition, with less debris blowing into the water from the surrounding area, the enclosure can help keep your pool cleaner, so it will require less vacuuming, saving even more energy.

Enclosed pools also save water, as there is less evaporation due to sun and wind, allowing you to maintain the appropriate depth without adding as much water. Even better, less exposure to sun and wind means you'll be able to use fewer chemicals, as the chemicals will not dissipate as quickly.

Q: How does a greener pool impact my budget?

A: As you use less energy, water and chemicals, you'll be protecting the environment—and you'll also be saving money as you reduce your spending on these crucial aquatic elements.

Your maintenance costs will also go down. How? Unlike a typical indoor pool, a glazed, rigid-frame aluminum enclosure is constructed from materials that are not impacted by humidity and chemicals, so less maintenance is required.

Q: What other benefits does an enclosure provide?

A: When other aquatic facilities are shutting their doors on Labor Day, or waiting to open them on Memorial Day, you'll be ahead of the game with an enclosed pool that can stay open year-round. You'll be able to keep patrons coming for swimming, health and other activities offered at your facility throughout all the seasons.

This will not only serve your existing members, but you'll be able to use your expanded season to promote new memberships and build your revenue even more.

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