Problem Solver - August 2009
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Recharging Play on a Budget

Are you looking for a fresh new way to liven up your existing playground on a limited budget? While an entirely new playground would be fabulous, your budget may not allow for such an expense. Have you considered adding a few independent play events? For less than $3,000, you can turn up the excitement on your playground without maxing out your budget.

Q: Our playground has lost the appeal and excitement it had when it was new. What can we do to revive our playground on a tight budget?

A: You can shake things up by adding budget- friendly, kid-powered independent events. That's right, kid-powered: Playground manufacturers have developed another way to fight child obesity.

It's no secret that kids love to spin, climb, dangle, see and saw. Adding these new challenging events has never been so affordable. Kids will be getting active, but won't even realize how much exercise they're getting because your new play events are so much fun!

Playground manufacturers understand that budgets are tight but the need to recharge playgrounds is growing. For a modest and economically friendly cost, you can max out your playground's potential without maxing out your budget.

Q: What kinds of kid-powered events will get kids excited about coming to the playground?

A: Have you ever watched kids spin until they fall down? Children love to spin, and playground manufacturers have recognized this, going beyond the merry-go-rounds of old to offer spinners designed for one child to spin on their own or for multiple kids to stand and spin. You can easily add either type of spinner for an investment of less than $1,000.

Want to kick it up one more notch? Give kids a chance to spin and fly at the same time, with a modern maypole. This element features a tilted wheel where children hang and use their bodies to spin as a team.

Not done yet? You can also add an element that takes jumping to a new level of excitement. Combining the fun of a pogo stick with the safety and stability of playground equipment this spring platform event allows kids to build strength while jumping towards the sky.

And do you remember the seesaws of the past? They were fun, but not always safe, as kids often fell to the ground when one child hopped off. The latest innovation provides a cradled vinyl seat providing comfort and safety to its adventurous riders.

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