Problem Solver - August 2009
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Keeping Locker Rooms Tidy & Dry

Locker rooms may not be the first thing members and potential members consider, but the fact is that the appearance of your locker room can have a major impact on their perception of your facility. A wet and slippery floor, bathing suits hanging up to dry and other messy items are sure to leave a bad impression.

Q: How can I ensure my locker room stays clean and dry?

A: A staff member should be visiting the locker room regularly to ensure there are no problems or messes. While there, they can pick up any trash, make sure the restrooms and other areas are fully stocked and keep an eye out for water and other messes that require immediate attention. These regular visits will not only help ensure the locker room stays clean and dry, but patrons will also notice the regular presence of staff. This will discourage theft, vandalism and other problem behaviors.

To reduce the chance of a slippery, wet mess on the floor, as well as eliminate the eyesore of wet bathing suits hanging over the lockers, you should consider installing a swimsuit water extractor. This will give patrons a quick way to dry their suits on the spot.

Q: Patrons have complained recently about wet floors causing slips. How can we help keep the floors dry and prevent this problem?

A: Slips and falls are not only a problem for your patrons, they can turn into a problem for your facility, which might be held liable if someone suffers an injury. While everyone expects to see water in a shower area, a swimsuit left to drip on the floor can cause a hazard where patrons might not be expecting it.

Regular sweeps will allow your staff to keep an eye out for wet floors and put up signs to warn patrons.

On top of that, a swimsuit water extractor can help you reduce the chance of patrons slipping and injuring themselves. This machine is simple to install and removes up to 95 percent of the swimsuit's moisture in less than eight seconds. Your patrons will thank you, not only for keeping the floors dry, but also for allowing them to take their dry suit home, instead of cramming a still-wet suit in their gym bag.

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