Problem Solver - August 2009
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Simplifying Events

Hosting special events at your facility, whether they're weddings, concerts or simpler get-togethers, can require more time and effort than you may realize. In addition to managing the facility when the event is in progress, you'll need to spend time and effort—and staff resources—setting things up and tearing back down after the event, not to mention all the cleanup you'll need to do. Anything you can do to simplify these tasks will save you time and money in the long run.

Q: Setting up and tearing down for our events costs a lot of time and resources we don't have. How can we simplify things?

A: How much time do you spend putting coverings on your tables? What if you could quickly set up hard-wearing tables that need no covers to look stunning? You can find aluminum tables with a beautiful finish on top that is quite attractive, while also stain-resistant. You won't need linens to make an aesthetic statement. The finish of anodized aluminum with randomly sanded swirls etched into the surface is even available in multiple colors, so you can really find a fit for your facility

Once the event is over, simply fold the tables and put them away. You won't have to worry about laundering or replacing linens. The tabletops will also be stain- and damage-resistant, and cleaning them will be a breeze, requiring a simple wipe-down rather than the scrubbing that may be involved with other materials.

Look for tables with built-in protection to prevent the tables from damaging one another when you stack them. Also look for something lightweight. Heavy banquet tables can be difficult to handle.

If you want to have a more "finished" look, consider skirts that fit your tables. Spandex skirts can be found to complement the beautiful tops of aluminum tables, putting a finishing touch on your event.

Q: But can we find tables that will fit in with our "green" mission"?

A: Aluminum is one of the most recycled materials available, which means your aluminum tables are a sustainable product. You can find tables that contain 80 percent to 85 percent recycled content. In addition, at the end of their long life, the tables are 100 percent recyclable.

Look for a manufacturer that is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and you'll be sure to find someone devoted to sustainability.

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