Problem Solver - August 2010
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Getting Seating Where You Need It


hen you need to provide extra seating for a game, a battle of the bands in the local park or some other function, it's important to have a flexible solution at the ready. Bleacher seating provides a view for all spectators, and it's far more comfortable than throwing a blanket down on the grass. But permanent bleachers might not be the right choice, especially when you only need the extra seats for a few events or when you need to provide those extra seats in multiple locations. Towable bleachers that can be moved from event to event are the perfect solution.

Q: Why should we use temporary bleachers instead of looking for a permanently installed solution?

A: When your community plays host to multiple events in many locations, movable bleachers give you the opportunity to put extra seating where it's needed without investing in bleachers for every site. And in spots where you already have permanent bleachers, you'll be able to provide extra seating for large events, when it's needed.

Q: Our budgets have been tight for the past couple of years, and we're concerned that this investment might be more than we can handle. Are there ways to lessen the budget impact?

A: There are many options for cities and organizations with tight budgets. Talk to your manufacturer about the different financing options available. Many offer lease-to-own programs or even shared ownership.

Many bleacher owners have found creative ways to generate revenue. For example, you might consider providing your bleachers for rentals when you don't need them for your own events. Or, you can place banner advertising on the backs of the guardrails. Both of these options can help pay for your bleachers quickly, but also provide extra revenue in years to come.

Q: What else should we know about movable bleachers?

A: You need to do your homework. Some manufacturers offer towable bleachers that require several people and a lot of time to move and set up. You'll want to know that before you make your investment, as well as how the unit is transported, how it folds up, and how much space it will take up.

You also want to ask how fast the bleachers can be set up. You will find a wide range in this number from a matter of minutes up. This can make a big difference if you are short on staff or time.

Once your bleachers are set up, you'll want to be sure they include strong, easily operated jacks to stabilize the units and protect your patrons.

For example, you can find a highway-towable portable bleacher with push-button operation and a hydraulic mechanism that allows it to be set up in just 10 minutes by a single person. The simple design allows the unit to be moved around from site to site. This makes it ideal for municipalities, school districts and others.

Another often-overlooked factor is the aesthetic of your bleachers. Bleachers are not always the most attractive seating option around, but you can find them in different styles. And even more important, you'll want to keep them looking nice through regular maintenance and cleaning.


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