Problem Solver - August 2010
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Turning Your Site Into the Perfect Picnic Place


s soon as the weather warms up, you'll find picnickers reveling in local parks. Whether they come in pairs or in parties, they know how to make use of a well-planned site's amenities.

You can help improve their experience if you pay attention to a few details when planning your park. And if your park is not a work in progress, but a finished masterpiece, you can make a few quick additions to turn it into a picnic spot that will draw in revelers.

Q: How can we ensure our park is a prime spot for picnicking?

A: To draw more picnickers to your park, you need to provide the right combination of site furnishings and amenities to give them the perfect spot for a party, a quick bite and space to play. That means setting up picnic tables, garbage and recycling receptacles, and even grills and fire rings. You can also take it one step further and add shelters, complete with these amenities. Some parks even allow patrons to reserve shelters for a fee.

When you're arranging your furnishings, try to remember that people will congregate in both large and small groups. Make sure to provide larger groupings of picnic tables, as well as single tables where a family of four, or even a couple, can get together.

In addition to picnic tables, you should consider placing a fire ring in a centrally located spot, where visitors can gather to toast marshmallows as the sun goes down. And don't forget to include some grills, so they have a place ready and waiting to cook those brats and burgers.

Q: Where should we place trash receptacles?

A: You want to place your receptacles close enough to the picnic area to ensure they'll be used, but not too close. Garbage can attract bees and other critters, and you want to be sure your patrons are having fun, not fending off stinging bugs and nuisance flies.

Some parks also place hot ash receptacles nearby to collect hot ash from the grills. This is especially important in areas prone to forest fires, but any park will benefit from providing patrons with a place to clean up after themselves.


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