Problem Solver - August 2010
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Making the Most of Your Fitness Investment


hen it's time to get in shape, millions of Americans head to the gym and invest their time and energy using a variety of cardio and weight machines.

But before they reach your facility, you've invested time and money in equipment that will help them reach their fitness goals. Making the most of those investments is an important part of ensuring they pay off. You don't want to buy new equipment only to have it sit by unused while everyone flocks to the treadmill or elliptical.

Q: How can I showcase the fact that we've added new equipment?

A: Variety is the spice of life. When you add new equipment at your facility, regular gym-goers will surely notice, but whether or not they'll try it out is a different story.

Be sure your personal trainers and other staff members are ready and able to talk to new patrons about the benefits and the best uses of your new equipment. Whether you've added rowing machines, ski machines or something else, the best way to get members to use the equipment regularly is to ensure they get a good workout the first time they try it out.

Don't forget to ask the manufacturer or supplier for more information about using the equipment, too. Many offer additional support on their Web sites, both for gym owners and gym members.

Q: Where can I go for more ideas to make the most of our investment in fitness equipment?

A: The Web offers a wide array of ideas, and the first place you should go is the manufacturer's Web site. Some manufacturers go so far as to "host" competitions online for users across the country, with team and individual challenges, standings and personal logs where users can keep track of their improvement over time.

In addition, the Web can offer support for you if you're looking to put together a training program. Whether your members are beginners looking to lose weight or advanced exercisers looking to hone their skill, you can find plenty of information to support their training. You can also find information to help you build group classes using certain types of equipment.

Q: What else should we look for?

A: You don't want to end up with standing water on your field. You can find synthetic turf systems that feature a drainage and shock attenuation blanket, along with drainage technology that helps move the water away from your field.


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