Feature Article - May 2011
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Ninth Annual Innovative Architecture & Design Awards

Best of the Best

Welcome to our Ninth Annual Innovative Architecture & Design Awards. In this special section, we'll give you a tour through some outstanding new and renovated recreation, sports and fitness facilities from across the United States.

Each year, we highlight outstanding facility design, and this year's competition brought in a slew of facilities that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Our winners this year raised the bar, and offer an example that will surely inspire you as you make your own plans for new construction, additions to your existing facilities or renovations. Or, if you have no plans in the works, let this be a jumping-off point for daydreams about what the future could bring.

The entries were ranked by our panel of judges, whose goal was to judge each facility on its own merit, and submit their scores, along with their thoughts on what made their top choices so outstanding.

While it's always a difficult task to narrow the list down to the top facilities, we have selected eight winners, as well as one facility deserving of our Editor's Choice award.

And, while the winners are impressive, we don't stop there. We've also got highlights of some of our other award entries—facilities that missed the winner's circle, but still shine.

Once you've finished reading, we invite you to consider submitting your own facility next year's competition. Look for the entry forms to be available in Fall 2011, with entries due in January 2012.