Problem Solver - August 2011
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Keep Your Pool Clean

Aquatic directors and pool operators must fill many roles, from ensuring lifeguarding staff is up to par to making sure the pool water is safe for swimming. Among those many duties, they also must find ways to keep the pool clean. But with increasing pressures on time and resources, this can be a challenge.

Q: We spend a lot of time and staff resources trying to keep our pool clean. How can we simplify the process so we can save costs and time?

A: If you are still manually cleaning your pool, you're spending a lot of time and resources unnecessarily. With budgets and staffs shrinking, you need to make the most of what you have and cut back on any extraneous spending to ensure your dollars are concentrated where you need them.

That doesn't mean you can avoid cleaning the surface of your pool. Keeping the pool's surface clean is essential if you want to keep the water free from dirt or debris.

Automatic pool cleaners are available to handle a wide range of pool sizes and types. They can quickly and efficiently clean your pool, with minimal staff requirements. Using these cleaners will save manpower, and will also reduce the amount of chlorine you need to add to the water, helping to further lower your operating costs. Keeping your pool clean at all times will ensure your patrons have a great experience at your facility.

Q: We're planning a new pool. What should we consider before we open for business?

A: You can plan a beautiful pool with outstanding programming, but if you don't also plan for regular cleaning and maintenance, your pool will quickly start to degrade. Be sure you consider maintenance costs up front. As you work on the specifications of your pool, make sure you consider the equipment and tools you'll need to keep it clean.

Talk to manufacturers about the various capabilities of various cleaners, and ask about their ability to handle the size and shape of your pool. You want to be sure you can handle this tough but critical job from opening day, keeping your pool clean and safe.


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