Problem Solver - August 2011
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Install Site Structures Quickly, Easily

Adding structures such as restrooms and concession buildings to your parks and other sites can make the difference between a nice place to be and a destination that will draw in visitors by the droves. People like to know that the amenities they desire are there for them.

Q: We would like to add a combination restroom and concession building to our park, but we need a simple option that won't overburden our staff. What should we consider?

A: Since precast concrete buildings are pre-engineered, this helps alleviate the burden of designing a concession stand and restroom for your site. In addition, construction time is significantly reduced. When you select a manufacturer of precast structures, you get the benefit of their design services, as well as a range of options that can suit your site. The manufacturer's team can work with you to choose from an array of sizes, styles, finishes and features to customize the building to fit your needs. Be sure to consider such design elements as the size of the building, available fixtures and hardware, accessibility issues and ease of maintenance.

Q: We need to add site structures quickly. Is there a solution that can be installed in a shorter time frame?

A: Many precast concrete buildings can be factory-assembled and installed on site in less than a day. They require no foundation, and many come pre-wired and pre-plumbed, making installation simple. Site preparation will be minimal. Many structures require a crushed stone base to provide support and drainage, or a poured-in-place slab or gravel base with openings for pipes or electrical conduit.

Or you can choose a dry (or vault) option restroom. This type of structure requires excavation for the vault, with a crushed stone base for support and drainage. The manufacturer may be able to help with this initial stage of site preparation as well, if you don't have the staff available to handle such work.

Another benefit of precast concrete buildings is that you won't be tied down to a single location. If you find the building would be better located elsewhere on site, the structure can be moved to another location relatively easily.


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