Problem Solver - August 2011
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Customize Your Site With Shelters

Parks are perfect gathering places—sites for people to come together and play and have fun, as a group or alone. But ensuring your park draws people in, it's important to provide beautiful and comfortable amenities such as shelters, furnishings and more.

Q: We'd like to add shelters to our park. What should we know before we get started?

A: Each site is different, and you should be sure to cater your selection to the unique context of your site. Is the park located in a historic downtown? Is it a rustic, natural area? Or is it a suburban sport park? Whatever your answer, it should inform your choice of materials, styles, colors and more.

Q: We want to provide a unique park that will be a destination for visitors in the surrounding area, but we don't have the budget to design the park from scratch. Can we get a more customized look without going to the trouble of redesigning our site?

A: Talk to manufacturers, and you'll quickly find that there is a much wider range of choices than you might think. When you go with an existing design, you can alter the look by selecting a different color or shape. You can keep it simple with a typical square or rectangle, or you can go more ornate with hexagons, octagons and other shapes.

What's more, you can add options on top of the basic structure, from ornamentation like cupolas and decorative railings to different roof types.

If you can't find exactly what you want in the catalog, you can work with a shelter manufacturer to create the customized look you want. Whether you've got a vague idea, a sketch or a CAD drawing, their team will be able to bring your dream project to life.


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