Problem Solver - August 2011
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Add Excitement to Your Splash Play Area

Spraygrounds are growing in popularity across the country—and for good reason. Children and adults alike love to splash in the water, and a sprayground is a great alternative to more costly aquatic centers. Instead of multiple pools throughout a community, municipalities can install a couple of larger pools along with myriad splash play areas. But once they're installed, how can you keep people excited?

Q: We'd like to add a splash play area, but are looking for a way to make it stand out from others. What should we consider?

A: One way to make your splash play area unique is to add special themed elements. It's hard to resist fun sprays in the shape of pirate ships, desert landscapes, trains and more.

You might think that you'd have to pay a high price for customized, themed elements, but there's good news. You can find a full line of coordinating water features from small sprays to large structures that will enable you to offer a custom theme without having to pay a higher price.

If you're working within a tight budget, why not combine various standard sprays with a single, themed element? It will give your sprayground a unique look, while providing plenty of water fun for visitors.

You also should consider incorporating interactive features that make kids part of the action. From sprays they can aim at their friends to motion sensors and other ways to activate different features, there are plenty of ways to give the user a sense of fun and control over the water.

Q: We're looking to add a splash play area that will continue to attract people for the long term. What should we consider?

A: Talk to your manufacturer about various options. Some offer the ability to swap out various sprays and elements. This way, your sprayground won't stagnate. Instead, you'll be able to offer a completely new experience every season.

What's more, you can even find interchangeable themed elements that allow for easy upgrades and updates. Instead of busting up concrete for old components and renovations, you can rely on an anchor base system that will enable you to completely and easily re-theme your facility.


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