Problem Solver - August 2011
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Expand Your Dog Park Offerings

The popularity of dog parks has skyrocketed across the country, attesting to people's love of their canine friends—and their desire to head out and play with them. You might think that if you've seen one dog park, you've seen them all. A little fencing, a bench or two and some handy poop-scoop bags, and you've got it. But you can go further to spruce up your dog park and offer something beyond the ordinary.

Q: We're interested in providing more than just the standard amenities at our dog park. What are our options?

A: In addition to the expected, why not give dog owners a treat and provide a place to get Fido all cleaned up after his romp with his canine friends? A self-serve pet wash station can be placed virtually anywhere, and it will be an attractive amenity, making your dog park more popular than ever.

The pet wash station can be operated any time, because no staffing is required. The system is coin-operated, and maintenance requirements are minimal. Patrons typically pay $5 to use the station for 5 to 7 minutes.

Accessories are also available, including a vending station where patrons can purchase things like dog treats or disposable towels.

Q: What do we need to do to prepare our site for a self-serve pet wash station?

A: Installation is simple. The pet wash station arrives fully assembled. All you need is a flat surface with the necessary utility hook-ups. These include a drain (a single stand pipe, such as is used for a clothes washer), electric and water. Note that all water is treated so there is no wet dog odor.


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