Problem Solver - August 2012
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Attract More People to the Water

Whether you're running an aquatic center or operating a waterfront where patrons can splash and swim, you likely are looking for ways to attract more people to your facility. Older swimming pools and waterfronts that don't feature all the bells and whistles swimmers expect these days need ways to stand out and get noticed. But there are plenty of simple, low-cost additions you can make to create a more exciting aquatic environment, attracting more swimmers and families. On top of that, you can make these additions without having to worry about costly renovations or construction. Boost your attendance and add some excitement at your pool, and your revenues will increase as well.

Q: We have an older rectangular pool and a lakefront where people can sunbathe and swim, but we've seen Attendance drop as newer facilities with more slides and sprays have opened in the vicinity. Is there a way to attract more swimmers and provide an element of fun?

A: When your facility has to compete with waterparks and aquatic centers that offer beach-like entry, lazy rivers, slides, splash play, surf machines and more, your attendance can suffer if you don't also up the ante to offer a bit more water fun. But you don't have to tear down your facility and start fresh to bring the swimmers back. Simple solutions can make all the difference.

Safe modular sports inflatables can add a new element to your water that will draw the swimmers back in droves. They'll add more fun to your aquatic facility and provide you with programming that will help you stand out from the pack.

Turn your plain pool or lakefront into a venue for fun and friendly sporting competition with a complete line of module, interlocking commercial-grade swimming pool inflatables. Made of seamed, welded 32-ounce PVC, the inflatables do not need continuous airflow, so setup and operation is a snap.

In addition, you'll find a wide variety of options for configuring your inflatables, so you can mix and match the elements to create a new experience. Or move inflatables from one facility to another to provide new excitement.

Q: Are modular inflatables safe?

A: Be sure to look for modular sports inflatables that are certified for safety. You can find an option certified to comply with the stricter European safety standards.

In addition, because the modulars are designed to be used at a specific water depth, you'll need to make sure your pool fits the bill. You also must ensure that there is enough space between the inflatables and the pool's edge. Your supplier will provide you with all the guidelines to ensure your installation is as safe as possible.

Q: We are already using inflatables to provide more fun on the water. Is there more we can do?

A: When you combine inflatables, you can transform your pool into a thrilling circuit or an arena to host a competition that's fun for both swimmers and spectators.

When the only downside to losing the contest is a refreshing dunk in the pool, everyone has fun. You can mix elements in a wide variety of formats to create a championship course on your water.

New elements become available all the time, so if you're already providing a way for patrons to slide, climb and jump, be sure to check out what's new. You can add water volleyball, a wider variety of bouncers and slides, spinners, rollers, flippers and more.

And if you're ready to create a spectacular splash, you can go for a complete modular aquatic sports park. Packages are available in various sizes, and you can always add stand-alone items as more options become available.


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