Problem Solver - August 2012
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Automate and Manage Water Quality

Maintaining constant clarity and water quality in a swimming pool or other aquatic facility is mission-critical for pool owners and operators. But oftentimes, the measurement and adjustment of chlorine levels and other chemicals is left in the hands of pool employees, from lifeguards who have other things to think about to busy maintenance staff.

The more you can automate these processes, the more precisely controlled your pool environment will be. That means constant assurance that your pool's water is clear and safe for swimmers. Using automation to control chemistry and backwashing will ensure the highest water quality.

Q: How can we use automatic chemical controllers?

A: Automatic chemical controllers measure and monitor your pool's water and add chemicals automatically as necessary. Installing an automatic controller is key to removing the human error factor, and will ensure your water quality is at its best.

With increased bather loads, lifeguards are busy watching swimmers and don't have time to test and dose the water. But, of course, the times when your facility is experiencing higher bather loads is the most important time to be measuring and adjusting chemical levels in the water.

Automatic controllers are able to continuously monitor chemical levels, and can alert aquatic facility managers if a problem is detected.

In addition to measuring chemical levels, today's units also are able to automatically dose water as needed. This means your pool will no longer experience the highs and lows that come with periodic human testing, which decrease water quality. These highs and lows also can cause cloudy water—the No. 1 cause of drowning deaths.

Q: We have multiple swimming pools and aquatic features , and are concerned about keeping an eye on water quality throughout our facility. What should we consider?

A: Today's automatic chemical controllers can be outfitted with wireless remote monitoring. This is ideal for facilities trying to monitor various bodies of water, such as a pool, wave pool, splash pad, kiddie wading pool and so on.

You'll be able to access the monitoring system from any laptop, building management system or office desk. This provides you secure access to your controller's data via a wireless network or the Internet. This means you can monitor all of your pools from a single location, or even off-site.

Q: What should we know about backwashing?

A: Today's chemical controllers also increase efficiency of chemicals used, which reduces your cost for chemicals. If you combine the controller with an automatic backwashing system, employees will no longer need to worry that they forgot to backwash. When you forget to backwash, the filters are unable to work properly. This leads to a decrease in water quality, because if the filters aren't working as they should, then the chemicals aren't reaching the pool water. This renders chemicals useless as they are unable to get into the system and do their job.


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