Problem Solver - August 2012
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Find the Right Seating Solutions

Whether you have a permanent grandstand in place at your event location, or you have many locations where you need to place seating, transportable bleachers of varying sizes can solve a number of problems. People will appreciate having a comfortable place to sit, and providing the right amount of seating is essential if you want your events to be successful. And temporary seating such as movable bleachers will pay for itself when you build attendance—and revenues—at your events.

Q: We have a grandstand in place, but the number of people attending our events is on the rise. We'd rather not build a whole new seating section. What should we consider?

A: If you already have a grandstand in place, but spectators have outgrown seating capacity, you should take a look at the many portable units that are available. Portable bleachers can be moved alongside your existing seating, creating additional places for fans to sit. This will save you the cost and trouble of rebuilding your grandstand, while providing the versatility of offering additional seating at any location.

Smaller, towable units are available that can be moved around your venue's grounds. Or you can look at larger, licensable, highway-towable units that can be moved from one end of town to another to provide additional seating at a variety of events.

Q: What if we'd like to provide additional seating at our indoor arena? Is there a solution that will work in this type of facility?

A: Smaller, highway-towable folding bleachers can be found to suit your needs. At just 8.5 feet wide and 9 feet high, these smaller bleachers can fit through many overhead entrance doors, and will provide seating for as many as 108 people. They can be moved with a pickup or SUV.

These smaller units can be more convenient than a single large unit for an indoor event. But you can also find a larger unit that can fit through taller overhead doors, which will seat as many as 300 people. Be sure to let the manufacturer know about your event seating needs, and they will point you in the right direction.

Q: Our budgets are tight, and we're concerned about the cost. Is there a way to ensure the bleachers will pay for themselves?

A: You have several options. Shared ownership is one possibility. For example, a municipality and a school might share the cost of purchasing the bleachers. You also might consider renting the unit out when you're not using it. This creates a revenue stream that will continue long after you've paid for the units. Finally, you can offer the opportunity for local businesses to place banner advertising on guardrails at events.

Q: We are concerned about having to hire crews to transport bleachers from one place to another. Is it difficult to move the bleachers and set them up?

A: Towable, folding bleachers are simple to set up because they are designed specifically to be moved from place to place. All you need to do is put the bleacher where you want it, run the leveling jacks down and push a button, which unfolds the bleacher.

You won't need an entire crew for this. A single person can handle the whole process in less than 10 minutes. What's more, the bleachers are designed to adhere to modern safety standards.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: Be aware that transportable bleachers are made of weather-resistance aluminum and hot dip galvanized steel. This means no complex storage is required. You can usually just park them outside, because the control and battery are located inside a lockable metal box.

If accessibility is a concern, you'll be pleased to know that bleachers can be found with wheelchair cutouts in the front rows to help you meet ADA requirements.


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