Problem Solver - August 2012
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Reduce Pool Operating Costs

When municipalities and other owners of aquatic centers have to replace aging facilities, they often want to go bigger and better. With the growth of waterparks offering something more—including lazy rivers, splash play, waterslides and other aquatic fun—local aquatic centers have also begun to adopt measures to make them more unique. However, just as they are looking to offer more, many aquatic facilities also must find ways to reduce their overhead.

Q: We are replacing an aging swimming pool facility with a larger, more active facility that will meet your community's growing needs. We have a budget in place, but must keep operating costs within the same range as the older facility. What can we do?

A: Keeping operating costs under control at a complex new aquatic facility can be a challenge. Talk to your aquatic designer and find out what they suggest.

Often, when you turn to energy-efficient products, you can dramatically reduce the cost of operating your pool. When possible you should choose high-efficiency heaters, LED pool lights, variable frequency drives and pool covers. When you get the design right, you can operate a larger aquatic facility at the same operational costs of the simpler facility you are replacing.

Q: We're concerned about the cost of updating our facility. How can we keep costs under control?

A: The good news is that when you go with energy-efficient products, you'll not only reduce your facility's operating costs in the long run, but you'll also be able to recoup the cost of your equipment purchases quickly. Talk with your supplier to find out the best options to fit your facility, and ask them about how long it will take for your new equipment to pay for itself. You might be surprised at how quickly your facility will be operating in the black, and your community will be delighted with its new, expanded aquatic options.


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