Problem Solver - August 2012
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Make Your Shelters Work for You

Many people take their neighborhood parks for granted, but when you provide an outstanding site, adding beautiful shelters and pavilions, gazebos and kiosks, you can encourage people to take ownership. By providing a place to gather, you make your site a destination for eager community members, and at the same time, you create a potential revenue stream.

Q: How can we turn our park site into a destination that will help generate revenue for further improvements?

A: Start by installing some beautiful shelters now, and soon enough you'll be earning enough revenue to invest in more improvements down the line. Select prefabricated shelters and structures, and you'll be able to meet a tight timeline and budget for your project.

And once installed, your shelters will pay for themselves. Patrons who want to host large gatherings, such as family reunions, can be asked to pay a rental fee for the shelter. You also can host weddings and concerts in larger shelters and gazebos.

Many parks offer smaller shelters that can be reserved and rented for picnics during busy seasons when visitors are likely to compete for space. Picnickers will be pleased to know their space is reserved, and your park benefits from the extra funds.

Q: What should we look for in a shelter?

A: Manufacturers offer an enormous variety of options meant to suit every type of site. Premanufactured shelters offer a quick, simple solution for park sites.

Ask the manufacturer about installation, including how long it takes to install the shelter, the experience required, and how many people will be needed. Also be sure to ask for references, and find out how well the shelters hold up in different environments, including those similar to your own.

Durability is a critical issue. When you choose durable materials and products, you can be sure that your shelters can handle the use and abuse typical of a park site. Exposure to extreme weather can be one problem, and graffiti and vandalism might be issues as well. Steel structures are a good option, as they are fire-resistant and stand up under tough conditions.


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