Problem Solver - August 2012
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Boost Activity on the Playground

With concerns growing about obesity among children and adults, many parks and organizations are looking for smart ways to help people fit in more activity. You can use your playgrounds to ensure both children and adults get plenty of movement.

Q: We want to do more to get kids active on the playground. What should we consider?

A: The number of children who are overweight or obese continues to be alarmingly high. Many attribute the problem to more time spent in front of screens, and less time at play.

You can easily get kids up off the couch and moving again. Playgrounds are a natural fit that ensure plenty of activity.

Talk to your manufacturer about playgrounds designed to get kids moving and keep them active. There are plenty of options available, including play elements designed to develop different skills and abilities. All of them will get kids moving, and they won't even realize they're getting a workout.

Starting with kids on the playground, who will climb, run, slide and swing to their heart's content, you can expand outward to provide equipment that will help parents and caregivers get a move on as well.

Q: Are there elements I can add near my playground that will encourage adults to get up and move, too?

A: Many parents get active on the playground through supervising and playing with their kids. But you can encourage them to do even more by adding specific elements to your site.

Consider adding workout equipment designed for use outdoors. This will allow parents to work out while their kids play on the playground. What's more, all that healthy movement won't be limited to parents and caregivers. Others will also be drawn to visit these areas as they walk through your park.

You can find outdoor exercise equipment that is specifically designed to fit into the context of your park site. Parents and passersby will be able to work their entire body, setting a good example for kids at play, and showing them that exercise should be a part of daily life. A trail that leads participants from station to station is another great idea to get people moving.


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