Problem Solver - August 2012
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Create a Sprayground Like No Other

Park budgets have tightened over the past few years, and with more and more states mandating UV systems for spraygrounds, money to add a new park can be tight. With added costs and tight budgets, you might not be able to add as many features at your park. This makes it important to focus on interaction and uniqueness, so you're not stuck with a cookie-cutter park.

Q: How can we create a spray park that is different from the expected with a tight budget?

A: Have you considered looking for a sponsor to help split the costs of installing a splash play area? Manufacturers of water play and spray park equipment offer ways to focus on brand reinforcement that will please your sponsor while simultaneously giving patrons a splashing good time. One Texas spray park sponsored by Dr. Pepper features a dumping barrel themed like a Dr. Pepper can. It's the centerpiece of the park. At another park in Canada sponsored by Ford, a waterslide is themed to look like a Ford F150.

If you choose not to get involved with sponsorships and still want to create a unique park, consider theming. This helps you avoid looking like all the other spray parks. Many manufacturers offer splash play elements that fit into a theme, from a pirate ship to a Medieval castle.

Q: We are planning multiple spray parks in our community. Is there a way to keep people coming back to them once they're installed?

A: These days you can find plenty of interchangeable features, as long as you work with a single manufacturer. Each of your parks is likely to draw its own unique audience. So, if you switch out elements from one location to another, you're creating an entirely new experience for the regular patrons at that park.

Another way to keep people interested is to incorporate activators and other methods of heightening the interactive nature of your sprayground. Controllers can provide play sequences, and keep kids active.


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