Problem Solver - August 2012
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Add a Recycling Program

Just about everyone knows that recycling is good for the environment. Making recycling convenient and easy for people will help get everyone on board in your parks and facilities.

Q: How can we make it convenient for patrons to recycle?

A: Locate your recycling units close to all of your waste receptacles, or provide a combination recycling-and-waste unit. Color coding, clear labeling and hole shape will help ensure that materials are properly separated.

People will easily spot bright blue or green receptacles. Talk to your manufacturer about finding recycling bins that make it easy to customize colors, labels and hole shapes. Installing a quality, outdoor-specific unit will ensure people that you take caring for the environment seriously, and that you are planning a long-term recycling effort.

Q: Do different materials need to be separated?

A: For recycling purposes, it is necessary to separate materials. How materials are separated and recycled can vary from one region to another. In many areas, bottles, cans and newspapers can be recycled. Some areas separate trash more extensively, with units that separate glass, aluminum, steel, plastic, paper and compost.

Right now, the most popular units are split receptacles that allow people to separate bottles and cans from waste. Before you choose your units, though, you should check to see which materials are recycled in your area, and find out what is the best way to separate them.

Q: How can we simplify the process for our hardworking maintenance staff?

A: : Recycling units with side-opening doors for removing the liners are the easiest to empty. Big, bulky recycling units are a thing of the past. Talk to your manufacturer and look for attractive, space-conscious units that can be customized to your recycling needs.


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