Problem Solver - August 2012
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Define Your Site With Shelters

Parks can be the centerpiece of the community, providing a spot where people come together to play and celebrate. To design a park that draws people, you should provide a beautiful and comfortable space, and provide a focal point that anchors the site.

Q: We would like to create a unique site where people will gather for picnics and celebrations. What should we look for?

A: Every park and every community is different. Look for shelters that can be designed to fit your site. The shelters you choose for a natural, rustic site should be quite different from what you'd find in a historic downtown area.

If you want to create a unique site for celebrations, why not consider adding an amphitheater? These unique shelters can provide a fun informal gathering spot, but also provide an aesthetically pleasing venue for performances and events. You can host anything from a concert in the park or battle of the bands to a production by your local community theater. Acoustics are important in these types of structures. Look for one that uses structural insulated panels, vs. an all-metal roof.

Q: We want to be sure all of our park amenities match the unique look of our park. Can we customize our shelters and amphitheater?

A: Manufacturers offer a wide range of choices and options that will allow you to find the right look for your park. You can start with an existing design and customize it by changing the color or shape, from simple rectangles to beautiful hexagons, octagons and more.

Ornamentation can also be added to a basic structure, such as cupolas and decorative railings, creating a unique and more ornate look.

For an amphitheater or band shell that will really anchor your site and excite your community, talk to a manufacturer about how you can start with a basic design and customize it to suit your needs.


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