Problem Solver - August 2012
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Protect Fitness Equipment & Members

Keeping fitness facilities clean, including exercise equipment, is important if you want to keep your equipment in working order and protect your patrons from disease. There are different ways to go about cleaning up, but before you choose one, you need to educate yourself about the best ways to keep your equipment clean.

Q: Can't we just get hand-sanitizing wipes, or use a spray with paper towels?

A: Hand-sanitizing wipes and alcohol-based products are not a good idea around your sensitive fitness equipment. Alcohol can dry out or corrode rubber, vinyl, leather and stitching. And hand wipes, while great for cleaning skin, are not made for fitness equipment.

You want to be sure your investment in equipment is protected from undue damage. That means you need to follow the recommended practices for keeping it clean. Spray products might end up in the wrong places, causing damage to cables and other equipment areas, which can lead to malfunction or even rust.

Q: We want to provide a simple solution to protect patrons from germs on equipment. What should we look for?

A: No one wants to use sweaty equipment, and members need to know that they're protected from germs of other users.

Look for pre-moistened, disposable surface disinfecting wipes that have been developed to both clean your equipment and stop germs. They will kill such infectious agents as MRSA, HIV, TB, Staph, H1N1 and more.

The wipes are simple to use, and can be safely used on seat pads, leg and arm rests, benches, hand grips, chrome plating, painted surfaces, steel and rubber surfaces, and electronic panels.

Q: We want to find a way to keep things clean that also fits into our green mission. What should we know?

A: Talk to your manufacturer. You might worry that disposable wipes are wasteful, but you should know that you can find products that feature biodegradable and recyclable elements.


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