Problem Solver - August 2012
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Create a Patron-Pleasing Locker Room

Pleasant locker rooms are a cornerstone of your facility's success. If you offer the right amenities and a pleasing space, patrons will come back again and again. However, messy locker rooms with wet floors, mildew smells and rusty lockers are sure to disappoint.

Q: We want to be sure our locker rooms stay neat and clean. How can we be sure these spaces are pleasant?

A: First off, you'll need to create a maintenance and cleaning schedule. Visiting to clean up a mess or restock toilet paper after a member complains is too late. The bad impression has already been made. Be sure someone is visiting regularly to check for any problems. Keep a checklist near the door, and ask staff members to check off each step. This should include picking up trash, stocking toilet paper and any toiletries you provide, and looking for wet floors or other messes that require immediate attention. Regular staff visits will help keep things clean, and have an extra benefit of deterring any vandals, thieves or other miscreants.

Swimmers often leave their wet suits dripping from the back of a locker when they don't have a simpler way to dry it. The dripping suits can damage your lockers and create a slip hazard on the floor. To prevent wet floors from becoming a problem, you should install a swimsuit water extractor. Easily installed, these machines remove up to 95 percent of a swimsuit's moisture in 10 seconds.

Q: Are there amenities we can include in our locker room that will give it a higher-end feel?

A: You don't have to start from scratch to create a pleasant locker room. First, consider replacing your metal lockers with plastic or wood laminate. Look for toiletries that can be provided at a low cost.

Anything you can do to make it easier for your patrons to get ready for their workout or swim and cleaned up afterwards will pay off in happier patrons. Swimsuit water extractors help keep your floors dry, but also make things much easier on your patrons. Who wants to put a still-wet swimsuit in their gym bag?


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