Problem Solver - August 2012
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Convert Your Pool for Racing, Water Polo

Many pools must switch seamlessly between various types of programming, including recreational swimming and lessons, and competitive swim meets. Having the right tools in place can make it easier to make the switch and provide competitive events at your pool.

Q: What should we look for to quickly convert our pool for a swimming competition?

A: To make it easier to get lanes in and out of the pool, look for a turnbuckle tensioning device. This will eliminate the problems associated with old take-up reel and wrench designs. It also makes it much easier to move lane lines in and out of the pool. All you need to tension or release the lane line is a few twists of the wrist. Unlike ratchet-type tensioning devices, this type of system cannot be accidentally tripped, which can result in a big mess. You'll be able to swiftly reconfigure your pool for different types of programming, as you can get lanes into or out of the pool in a matter of minutes.

Swimmers love a fast pool. You can speed things up with lanes that direct waves downward into the water with an increased size. These provide a wave-quelling effect, dispersing them along the lane line, which allows swimmers to increase their speed. Lanes can be found in a variety of colors to heighten team spirit.

Look for a storage reel for your lanes that is lightweight, easy to use and easy to move.

Q: We're interested in adding water polo to our pool. Are there products that make it simple to convert the pool for water polo and back again?

A: The quicker you can get things set up and taken down and put away, the easier it will be for you to incorporate water polo into your programming mix. You can find folding water polo goals in full size for competition as well as a smaller size for juniors or for practice. Look for goals that are easy to erect and fold down. Water polo goals that fold flat for storage will take up less space in your facility.


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