Problem Solver - August 2012
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Outfit Your Picnic Spot

Picnic areas require special attention if you want to ensure your patrons' comfort. When you select the right furnishings and place them in the right spots, you'll be sure to create a winning picnic spot.

Q: We'd like to find picnic tables that are easily accessible for people of all ages and sizes. What should we consider?

A: Sometimes step-over seating is not ideal. Not everyone can comfortably sit at such picnic tables. You should look for picnic tables designed so that people of all ages and sizes can easily step through and sit with plenty of leg room.

If you want to get your picnic area set up quickly, look for picnic tables that come with tops and seats pre-assembled. This makes setup quick and easy on your end, once the furnishings arrive at your site.

Q: We have a green mission and want to be sure our picnic tables are environmentally friendly. What should we look for?

A: Recycled plastic is a great option for the furnishings you choose for your picnic site. And it has the added bonus of being durable and virtually maintenance-free. It will not corrode or rot, never needs to be sealed or painted, and is also graffiti-resistant.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: Receptacles for your picnic area are also essential, to encourage patrons to clean up after themselves. You might also want to provide a recycling area which fits in with any sustainability goals. Receptacles come in a wide variety of styles with features to fit any requirements.

You also might consider incorporating grills and even campfire rings. Grills provide a way for patrons to enjoy cooking out on your site. And a fire ring is a fun place to gather for marshmallow toasting and hot dog roasts. Just be sure to also include a hot ash receptacle, especially in drought-prone areas.


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