Problem Solver - August 2013
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Provide a Cost-Effective Sanitization Solution

Managers of aquatic facilities have a long list of priorities: maintaining safe and clear water that is pleasant for swimmers, along with reducing operating costs and improving eco-friendliness. The good news is that as technology has improved, many solutions have emerged that can help you tackle many issues with one simple update. Salt chlorine generators, for example, can help reduce costs, while offering a great experience for swimmers and improved safety for everyone.

Q: How does a salt chlorine generator work, and how can it help reduce our costs?

A: Salt chlorine generators produce chlorine within the system so you won't need to purchase or distribute factory-produced liquid, powder or chlorine tablets. Rather than using more hazardous chemicals, the systems rely on natural salt (sodium chloride), which is dissolved into the pool water and then flows through an electrolytic cell. The process converts the chloride ions introduced from sodium chloride into chlorine gas. The chlorine gas readily dissolves into the water, forming hypochlorous acid, which oxidizes organics and bacteria, and sanitizes the pool water. After the chlorine performs its function, the chloride ions are restored. Because it is a closed-loop system, you only need to add additional salt to make up for the water lost through backwashing or splash-out.

In addition, salt chlorine generators can lower your sanitization costs by 50 percent or more relative to the use of calcium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite. As a result of producing your own sanitizer on site, any market fluctuations in the price of chlorine products will no longer affect your budget.

Q: How will a salt chlorine generator affect the swimming experience?

A: In addition to reducing your costs, salt chlorine generators will dramatically improve your pool's water quality and provide a pleasant experience for swimmers. With a salt chlorine generator installed, swimmers can enjoy a more natural experience that is also more eco-friendly. Swimmers love the feel of the silky-soft water that doesn't turn eyes red or have that strong chlorine odor. Swimming in a salt-chlorinated pool is often compared to a day at the spa!

Salt chlorination offers a safer environment for swimmers and pool operators. Swimmers are no longer subjected to chemical highs and lows, because salt chlorine generators produce chlorine continuously or based only on demand, when paired with a chemical controller. Additionally and equally as important, your staff will no longer have to transport, handle or store hazardous chlorine

Q: We have a controller to help maintain constant water quality at our pool. Will it work with a salt chlorine generator?

A: You're smart to rely on a controller to help constantly monitor and adjust your system. Having a system like this in place can help ensure that any imbalances that occur are addressed immediately, before any major problems develop.

You can find a salt chlorine generator that is compatible with existing chemical automation systems. All you will need to do is connect the system to the controller, and it will become a self-managing, automated solution.

Q: What else should we look for in a salt chlorine generator?

A: First of all, be sure to look for a system that is compatible with and can handle the demands of your pool. You will want a system specifically designed for commercial pools and, as such, you will want to obtain an NSF Certified product. Also, look for a compact design with a single clear vessel and power supply to eliminate the need for daisy chaining multiple cells. A more efficient design like this will lower installation costs and consume less space.

You should also look for features that help simplify maintenance for you and your staff. And be sure to look for energy efficiency in your salt chlorine generator to further improve its eco-friendliness.


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