Problem Solver - August 2013
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Find Park Buildings That Comply With Codes & Reduce Maintenance

Many park designers are challenged to meet the constantly changing landscape of codes, as well as the need to reduce maintenance costs for park restrooms, concessions and shower buildings. From ADA compliance to local code nuances, there are many regulatory factors that can influence design decisions. Budgetary challenges can also present problems as you work with architectural design teams to meet your budget and the project scope.

Q: We're concerned about budgets and meeting code requirements. What should we consider?

A: When you work with the right park building manufacturer, you can streamline the process and reduce costs, while complying with all relevant codes. An expert team will start with a needs assessment and an architectural theme, and then will provide a preliminary proposal for your review. This proposal can even be prepared at no cost to you, saving your budget for other priorities.

Q: We want to ensure that our park buildings are environmentally friendly. What should we know?

A: Green is definitely in. Look for a partner that uses the latest recyclable green materials and components to help reduce emissions. You can find buildings that are highly green in their design. For example, you can find stainless plumbing fixtures that include 40 percent recycled stainless steel.

Look for low-volume water and waste systems. Campground restrooms are sometimes remote, making sewer connections impossible, and many are unable to use septic fields to dispose of waste. But you can find a unique water-borne toilet system that can reduce sewage to 33 percent of the volume for water closets, and utilize waterless urinals for even greater savings.

Q: How can we conserve energy through park building design?

A: Look for a manufacturer that relies on low-energy components that meet current energy codes. Some of the ways you can conserve energy include: high-velocity hand dryers that don't use heat, rugged stainless steel Ľ-inch woven vent screens in place of mechanical fans, lighting fixtures that use 60 percent less energy, natural ground-temperature hand-washing water in place of high-energy water heaters, more efficient HVAC units, and green building designs. Consider using lighting controllers that turn off the building's lights when the park is closed, and make use of natural sunlight and ventilation by looking for buildings that feature large gable vents and skylights.

Q: We want to lower our maintenance costs, but we also want our park buildings to last for the long term. What should we consider?

A: Talk to your manufacturer about the life cycle of their structures. You can find restrooms that are designed to last 50 years by using components and materials that are long-lasting. What's more, you can find custom components and materials that can reduce maintenance by as much as 30 percent over traditional site-built structures.


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