Problem Solver - August 2013
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Make Your Pool 'Cool'

Finding fun elements to make your pool more attractive to swimmers of all ages can help you boost attendance—and revenues. With many aquatic parks getting ever more complex and adding an increasing number of attractions, it can be hard to compete. But you don't have to break the bank to build excitement at your pool again.

Q: We have a community pool, and it seems we are only attracting parents with smaller children to our facility. We seem to be missing the whole teens-to-early-20s patrons at our pool. How can we attract them to our facility?

A: It sounds like you might be missing a "cool," active element in your facility. If there is a group of adrenaline junkies out there, it's this age group. Many pools have removed the diving boards, which were the lifeblood for these thrill-seekers. Without something that appeals to this active crowd, they just stop coming.

An aquatic climbing wall will give them a reason to come back to your pool. In addition to exciting them with a challenge, the climbing wall will provide a great aerobic workout.

Kids and climbing go hand-in-hand, but today's society has taken away many of their chances to do it. Allowing them to climb at the pool will provide a safe environment, while encouraging them to challenge themselves without the fear of facing gravity head on.

Q: We have an older pool, and have been faced with declining interest and attendance as newer, flashier facilities have been built in the surrounding area. Is there a fun element we can add that might attract swimmers back to our simpler facility?

A: Aquatic customers can be broken down into two very distinct demographics. The two broad categories are active and passive. If your facility does not have a feature to satisfy the thrill-seeking active patrons, attendance will suffer.

By adding an aquatic climbing wall, you will begin to see a buzz created about your facility. You will now have a feature that you can promote through advertising and social media. With a basic pool, you can still appeal to the passive customers. Installing a climbing wall will not only bring back those active patrons, but will provide a stunning aesthetic to your pool.

Q: We are thinking about adding an aquatic climbing wall to our pool. Do I need to hire a contractor to install my new wall, or can we handle the installation?

A: One of the benefits of aquatic climbing walls is the fact that in most cases, the pool owner can install the wall, avoiding the additional cost of hiring a contractor to do the work. The installation is completed from the pool deck and does not require draining of the pool.

The first step is mounting the base to the pool deck, using either standard wedge or flush anchors. Once the base is secure, you set the wall into place and attach the vertical uprights. Using the vertical uprights, raise the wall into place and attach the uprights to the base.

Prior to ordering your aquatic climbing wall, you should check with your local health department regarding specific regulations and requirements in your area.