Problem Solver - August 2013
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Find a Cost-Effective Building Solution

When you're looking to construct a building to house your recreation, sports and fitness programs, the cost and time involved can be overwhelming. But there are simple ways to reduce your costs, while also improving the long-term efficiency of your building.

Q: We would like to construct a new facility, but are concerned about the costs. What should we consider?

A: A pre-engineered steel system can provide a pleasant aesthetic at a much lower cost than standard construction. In fact, steel systems construction can generate as much as a 30 percent savings in overall construction costs for certain building types.

Because of the standardization and computer-assisted design for such buildings, you'll be spending fewer resources on planning and construction. What's more, your building will be constructed faster, with construction cycles up to a third less than other methods.

Q: We are concerned about the long-term costs of operating our facility. Is there a way to find a building that will serve our needs efficiently?

A: A pre-engineered steel system can provide insulated roof and wall systems, significantly reducing your HVAC costs. Cool roof colors can reflect the sun away to help keep your facility cooler. Ask about natural lighting options as well, including skylights and translucent wall panels. These will reduce the amount of energy you need to keep your building lit.

Your maintenance costs will also be lower, with less deterioration, cracking, rot and insect damage, as can occur with other types of buildings.

Steel building systems also can provide a greener option, contributing toward LEED certification in the use of recycled content, recyclability and reuse in the future, energy efficiency, cool roof materials and more.

Q: What are some other ways to handle our construction more cost-effectively?

A:When your budget is challenged, it can be helpful to break your project into phases. This gives you the chance to raise the money and pay for each phase individually.

Pre-engineered steel buildings lend themselves to phased construction, as they are relatively simple to expand when you're ready to grow.


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