Problem Solver - August 2013
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Find the Shelter to Fit Your Site

The most beautiful park sites are cohesive places with places for people to sit, play and gather. Shelters, pavilions, gazebos and kiosks selected to suit the context of the site can turn a park into a destination for members of the community and beyond.

Q: What should we consider as we're looking at various shelters and park structures?

A: You should look for options that are aesthetically pleasing and fit well into the context of your site. A wide variety of premanufactured shelter options are available to fit right into your park's aesthetic, whether you're located in the desert or mountains, with a rustic, rural site or a tailored downtown square.

Be sure to talk to your manufacturer about durability, and how well the shelter can handle the prevailing climate conditions at your site. Whether your prone to hurricanes or blizzards, you'll want to be sure that your park structures can withstand whatever the weather can throw at them.

Potential vandalism and graffiti can also be problems in some areas. Look for frames that feature an anti-graffiti coating, and look for steel structures, which are more fire-resistant than wood-post structures.

Q: We'd like to create a beautiful destination park, but don't have a huge budget to work with. Is there a way we can install shelters that can help us meet our budgetary needs?

A: Prefabricated shelters and structures can help you meet a tight project timeline and a tight budget. At the same time, when you think creatively, you can come up with ways to use your shelters to help generate revenues to pay for other park improvements.

Many parks play host to large gatherings—everything from family reunions to weddings. Why not charge a rental fee for beautiful gazebos and picnic shelters so that people can reserve the site for these events?

Some parks also provide smaller shelters that can be rented during busy seasons. This helps prevent a competition for coveted picnic space, and benefits your park with extra revenues.


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