Problem Solver - August 2013
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Extend the Life of Your Pool Deck Equipment

Railings, ladders, diving boards and slides are all important equipment in a high functioning aquatic environment; and when you find the right products they can become aesthetic elements —unifying the design throughout your facility. To keep pool deck products looking their best, the stainless steel components require proper and regular care.

Q: How can we extend the life of our stainless steel pool deck equipment?

A: If you properly care for your deck equipment, it can provide a long life of service for your facility. Your stainless steel deck equipment should be regularly inspected and thoroughly cleaned. Inspect mounting hardware, and be sure to check crevices, weld points, under gaskets and bolt heads, where small amounts of liquid can collect and become stagnant. Routine cleaning helps maintain the protective film on your stainless steel pool rails and ladders, and will prevent rust. To clean, use warm water, a gentle soap or detergent and a soft cloth, and briskly rub along the polish lines of the steel. Rinse thoroughly when you're done cleaning. Ask your manufacturer about the proper products to use on more stubborn spots.

Q: Are there other options to consider that could extend their life further?

A: Yes, both powder coating and vinyl coating are excellent options for extending the life of stainless steel.

Powder coating, available in a wide variety of colors, is a durable finish that is easy to maintain, and resists corrosion and scratching. Vinyl coating, also available in a variety of colors, provides even greater protection, so is the recommended choice for harsh pool environments, including salt pools. A vinyl coating virtually eliminates corrosion. As an added bonus, its surface provides extra traction when wet and stays cool to the touch even in extreme temperatures.


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