Problem Solver - August 2013
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Find Cost-Effective Restroom Structures

Many municipalities, counties and other organizations continue to struggle to find the budgets to construct and maintain pleasant park restrooms. But whether you want a simple vault structure or a more elaborate building with plumbing and heat, there are things you can do to bring down your costs.

Q: We're looking to add restrooms to our site, but need a cost-effective solution. Extending electrical and water service out to the site is very expensive. Is there a better solution?

A: Manufacturers have developed a wide variety of restroom structures that can meet the needs of virtually any site. If site constraints or your budget won't allow for the extension of power and running water, you might want to consider a waterless vault evaporator system.

These systems require no running water and reduce vault waste naturally. They require no electrical hookup, as they use solar power to run lights, as well as the ventilator that keeps the whole structure smelling fresh and clean. They also will save you on maintenance and labor costs, as the vault evaporator technology will reduce the number of pump-outs your facility requires.

Customized looks are available, which means you'll be able to find a structure that works well with the surrounding aesthetic of your site.

Q: We'd like to build a restroom with plumbing, but still want to find ways to reduce our costs. What should we do?

A: You can find a restroom structure that features plumbing fixtures, but relies on solar power to keep the lights on and a ventilation system running. Look for a structure that uses LED lighting, and you'll be able to save more, as LED lighting requires less solar power and the bulbs last much longer than standard fluorescent bulbs.

When you rely on solar power, you'll save the ongoing costs of paying for electrical services over time. Relying on solar power instead of the electrical grid requires only the occasional changing of a battery.


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