Problem Solver - August 2013
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Improve Your Equipment Storage

Many sports and recreation facilities are designed with storage space as an afterthought. But luckily, it is not impossible to find solutions that help make the most of the space you have, and simplify the process of finding and putting away your athletic equipment.

Q: We have tight storage space for the myriad activities that take place at our facilities. How can we simplify storage for balls and equipment for a variety of sports?

A: When your facility plays host to a number of sports—everything from basketball and volleyball to floor hockey, indoor soccer and more—it can be difficult to quickly locate the right equipment in your tight storage space when it's needed. But you can find wheeled storage carts in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that are specifically designed to meet your needs. Carts can be wheeled out with the right equipment when needed, and then easily rolled back into storage when the game's over.

What's more, carts are available in many colors, which means you can color-code your equipment storage. This makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Time for a basketball game? Tell your staff to go into storage and look for the yellow cart. Time for soccer? Look for the red cart.

Q: We'd like to promote team spirit! Can we customize our carts with our mascot?

A: It's easy to customize your carts with screen printing. A vinyl or canvas cart can include your team or school's name and logo, and with the many color options available, you'll be able to match your team's colors as well.

You also can take advantage of screen printing to make it easier to find what you need in storage. Simply screen printing the name of the sport on the cart will make it even easier to find what you're looking for.

Carts are customizable in other ways as well. While there is a wide variety of sizes and styles available to choose from, if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, your manufacturer will likely be able to adjust to meet your needs.


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